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Download FAN SOUND of 24 Fans For Sleeping to Box Fan White Noise 10 Hours of Black Fan Noise MP4

  April 07, 2019

Enjoy the Fan Sound of 24 Fans For Sleeping to Box Fan White Noise 10 Hours of Black Fan Noise.

This is the video of 24 fans you all have been waiting for! Enjoy the 24 fans for sleeping to box fan white noise for 10 hours via this black fan noise so you get some well deserved restful sleep. This fan video was awesome to set up and create. I have about 12 hours in producing this fan video which will replace my 12 fans for 12 hours video. This was filmed in 4k ultra HD, so watch it in any video quality that soots your Internet connection.

To get started I used a small convocation hall with a stage to set up all 24 box fans on. Three rows of eight fans, makes 24 fans. In each row of fans the speed setting of the fans is on speed 3 or the highest setting for the fastest fan speed. This speed produces the best fan sound to my ear. What are your thoughts ?

This was filmed with my new Nikon D7500 with the shutter speed adjusted so you can see the 24 black fans' fan blades turning in what seems to be unison, as I feel that adds that awesome visual of fans rotating while producing that fan sound effect you all know so well. We dim the lights slightly to set the mood, and to make the fans themselves seemingly jump off stage.

The audio was recorded using my trusty hand-held Tascam DR 40 digital audio recorder with built in microphones. I used samples from various locations around the room and mixed them all together to produce this fan noise. Comment down below and let me know what you guys think!

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Here at Randall's Rest and Relaxation I strive to produce the most unique relaxing fan white noise content on YouTube ! I have more fan videos than any other channel. I film each video myself each week and record the sounds on every video. In post production layer all the videos and sounds together. On average I have about 8 hours in making each fan video I produce. Thus no two videos are alike.

I make these videos for you, the subscribers. I enjoy every morning waking up and responding to every comment left on my channel. I love this opportunity I have to aid you in relaxation and sleeping through my videos. I'm constantly trying to innovate and create something new that you will find both visually appealing and audibly relaxing. I want you to have the good nights sleep that you deserve. Thank you for tuning in. My job would not be possible without you friends. Thank you so much for your continued support.

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I have more fans on YouTube than any other channel.
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